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Rock Skills Course
  • 10 training sessions
  • Outdoor climbing
  • Top rope systems
  • Following climbers
  • Bottom rope systems
$219book now
Introduction to climbing
  • 8 training sessions
  • Movement basics
  • Using feet
  • Finding balance
  • Ropework
$129book now
Advanced Rock Skills
  • 15 training sessions
  • Advanced climbing
  • Abseiling
  • Anchor rigging
  • Belay technique
$339book now



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Pikes peak

Height: 14,110 ft.

Mount Katahdin

Height: 5,269 ft.

Mount Rainier

Height: 14,411 ft.

Mount Hood

Height: 11,249 ft.

Mount Washington

Height: 6,288 ft.

Mount Whitney

Height: 14,494 ft.